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Are you ready for our new event yet?

In the last two weeks of April, LADY SAND SCULPTOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be taken placed in FORGOTTEN LAND SAND SCULPTURE with the participation of eight master female artists from the United States, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Latvia and Canada. Continuing the theme of Vietnamese and world fairy tales, the creativity of the world’s master female artists will surely bring great work to the visitors. Let’s join us, and act as jury for this contest. It will be an extremely enjoyable experience when you can see the enthusiastic artists, meticulously forming the shape for hard sand.

Especially, to celebrate the 42th anniversary of the liberation day of BinhThuan province(19 April 1975) and the liberation day of the South of Vietnam (April 30, 1975), 10% discount on entrance fee shall be  applied for visitors during this time.

Hope to welcome you at the Park!

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