Sand Sculpture

From a shape of upside-down bucket

Beach sand at certain moist level will be easily attached and compressed when we are putting more pressure on it. The image of an upside-down bucket in sand shape is very familiar to kid world. Followed by their own instincts, those kids suddenly pop up in their mind many interesting ideas. They create and change the shape of the upside-down bucket into something new. Their cute little fingers continue creating more and more amazing things until they make parents surprised with their new tiny castle made from the bucket:


To the creativity that touches the adult’s heart

Human creativity has no limits. . Kids are too little for bigger sand structures while adults are getting more interested in making huge structure with much more sand. Adults start to race in making sand sculpture due to their own competitive instinct. More giant sand sculptures are created. Every person, every family goes to many beaches to join and build many more sand castles.

International sand sculpting competitions start to appear in many beaches around. Participants are mostly families, schools, universities, tourists, etc… Age and race do not prevent anybody from joining in this type of competition.

The good thing about this competition is that what remains will only be sand.

Upward steps to Art

After sand sculpting trend exploded, pressure on sand sculpture championship brings this sculpting activity reaching upward to higher steps. The more intense the competition is, higher chance that true art will appear. Many more amazing and lively sand sculptures are finally created and audiences cannot stop clapping their hands in front of those beautiful sculptures.

A festival that should not be missed

After many full-of-pressure competitions, sand sculpting art proves to the world that it is no longer a sand castle game for children. It is recognized by many countries in the world as the art type that brings high values in cultural aspect and environmental friendliness.

United States, Australia, Japan, China, etc… hold sand sculpting event every year in order to attract more visitors. Meanwhile, this also helps in promoting and inspiring this type of sculpting art getting closer to the local society, to friends, to family and to the children.

Sand Museum in Japan


Sand Festival in Australia


Sand festival in Copenhagen, Denmark


Sand Festival at Florida, USA